Our faculty

Natalia Aguilar Delgado

Transnational Governance, Business-government-civil society relations Relations, Inclusive global value chains, International development

Patrick Cohendet

Economics of knowledge, Knowledge management, Economics and management of innovation, Firm and organizational theory, Management of technological transfers

David Doloreux

Clusters, National and Regional Innovation Systems, Open Innovation, Public Policy, Economic Development, Economic Geography

Aurélia Durand

International/ Relational/ Industrial Marketing, Value Creation/ Sharing/ Capture, Customer-Supplier Relationships, Latin America

Gwyneth Edwards

Strategic management in an international context, Strategic organizational practices, Strategy process and firm trajectory, Knowledge transfer in multinational firms

Anthony Frigon

Clusters, National and Regional Innovation Systems, Open Innovation, Public Policy, Economic Development, Economic Geography

Aude Le Cottier

Corporate Governance, Unlisted firms, Ownership structure, Multinational companies

María Morfín-Gutiérrez

International Business, Family Business, Small Business Management, International Marketing, Doing business in Latin America, International Entrepreneurship

David Pastoriza Rivas

International Strategic Management, The agenda of top managers, Internal social capital in the multinational firm, International entry modes

Jahan Ara Peerally

FDI-assisted economic development, Multinational enterprises, Technology transfer, Innovative technological capability creation, Economics of innovation and Innovation systems, Developing countries

Viviana Pilato

Corporate Social Responsibility, Internationalization in developing and emerging countries, Stakeholder engagement

Marlei Pozzebon

Social innovation, social change, social technologies, community-based projects, New forms of local development, post-development, Practice-based theories (structurationists, constructivists, critical), Qualitative research methods, engaged or participatory research

Belgacem Rahmani

International economy, International commerce, Market development

Ari Van Assche

International trade, Global value chains, International business policy, Industrial clusters, Chinese economy

Hinrich Voss

Internationalisation of emerging market firms, Global value chain, Sustainability and ethics in international business

Thierry Warin

Data Science for Global Transformation, International economics and finance, Industrial organization, Economy of Europe

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Our faculty